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Making games is a passion of mine. I like pushing the envelope in terms of game design, and I often start my projects with an interesting mechanic, rather than having a specific genre in mind.


Farmageddon: A Cattle Royale is a series of cow puns masquerading as a new kind of roguelike, available now on steam! Try to claim the divine pasture with your COWstomized hero while picking up items along the way to improve your build! But be careful: every player's run is recorded, and you'll be playing against the ghosts of every run attempted in the same day, including your own!


Bedlamball is a local multiplayer focused game inspired by "Calvinball" from the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Each player can change elements of gameplay mid-game, such as player speed, goal size, or even the win condition. Supports 2-4 players. Available now on Steam, with support for Crowd Control.


Respawn Man is a puzzle platformer where you use your dead bodies to solve puzzles. Includes a level editor integrated with the steam workshop.

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